Ron Cartlidge began collecting magic shortly after he joined the Austin Magic Community in 1993.  The large extensive Austin Magic Auction was the first place that Ron began to learn of collectable magic items.  He progressed from once-a-year buying at the auction to going to book stores in Austin, Texas and other parts of the country when he would travel.  He learned of the Magic Collectors' Association through his friend and Houdini collector Arthur Moses.  He also developed a friendship with Stephen Sparks, the noted Houdini collector and dealer from Humble, Texas.  Later, Ron purchased a large amount of collectables from the Dick Todd collection and recently purchased some nice collectables from the Mike McPike collection.  Most people when first walking into the "Magic Room" at Ron's home, say "WOW".  Even collectors who visit Ron's home are amazed at the collection that Ron has accumulated in such a short time.  I hope you enjoy the tour of the Ron Cartlidge magic collection.  Houdini collectables are located in the Houdini Room and not on this page of "other" collectables from the collection.

                                            East Wall (six custom made shelves, contains apparatus and about 1,200 books)

                                   Rocky Raccoon's tail hangs from a Kline Swirl-It-Box.  Top shelf has several Owens pieces.


                                          North Wall Cabinet (top shelf---middle photo, second & third shelf---bottom photo)



There are numerous pieces in the apparatus part of the collection, but some of the most intriguing items are in the large curio cabinet on the north wall of the magic room.  These pieces include:  Owen Silk Production Box, Open Sesame by Owens, a beautiful Blue Phantom (although this looks like an Owen piece, the maker is unknown), Die to Silk by Owen, Lighting Vanish by Owen, One-Handed Production Box by Owen, Enchanted Rabbit Hutch by Owen, Milson-Worth Deluxe Die Box, Howard Hale Silk-Ola, Milson-Worth Square Circle, Morrisey Hindu Vases, Rings N Things Chop Cup, Merv Taylor Bird Cage, Merv Taylor Por Mor, Abbott's 3 inch copper lota, Abbott's Confusin Wands, P & L Phantom Tube, Milson-Worth Orange Box, Chinese Flame Clock, P & L Find the Lady, Abbott's Block off Rope, Rings N Things Brahman Rice Bowls, Milson-Worth Absconding Queen, Cuba Libra, Chinese Sticks, and Morrisey Lota.  The north and east walls of the room have shelves full of apparatus, there are two shelves in the book case that hold apparatus, and there is a built-in-the-wall display on the south wall for additional apparatus. 

Owens' Lighting Vanish (Ron Cartlidge Collection)







                                                                                                                           Owens' Enchanted Rabbit Hutch (Ron Cartlidge Collection)

Autographs.  Over 500 signatures of famous magicians.

General Signatures:  Chung Ling Soo, Hardeen, Harry Blackstone Sr., (3 total signatures)

Signed Advertising Piece:  Bev Bergeron, Aldo Colombini, Chen-Kai,  Kovari, (4 signature)

Signed editions of books.  Signatures include:  Michael Ammar, Ron Allesi, Al Baker, Jack Barrows, Joe Berg, Bev Bergeron, Bob Blau, Ali Bongo, J. B. Bobo, John Booth (3), Eugene Burger, Mike Caveney (3), Bruce Cervon, Chanin, Milbourne Christopher, Aldo Colombini (4), Patrick Culliton, Kent Cummins, Dai Vernon, Daryl, Marc DeSouza, Joseph Dunninger (2), Doc Eason, Bernard Ernst, all in one book--- Gay Blackstone---Mr. Electric---Carol Roy---Norm Nielsen---Ali Bongo---Frances Willard---Mark Wilson, Paul Fleming, Cody Fisher, Karrell Fox (3), Marvyn & Carol Roy, Karl Fulves, Martin Gardner, Uri Geller, Walter Gibson (3), Brunel White, David Ginn, Roberto Giobbi, Albert Goshman, Jean Hugard, Max Holden, Scott Hollingsworth, Donald Holmes, Harry Houdini, Opie Houston, Frances Ireland, Kevin James, Lloyd E. Jones, Todd Karr, Richard Kaufman (2), Bob King (2), Andre Kole, Harry Lorayne, Bill Kuethe, Duane Laflin (6), Paul LePaul, Martin Lewis, Fred McElones, Jeff McBride, Lu Brent, Sid Lorraine (2), Trevor Lewis, Darwin Ortiz, Penn & Teller, Julien J. Proskauer, James D. Robenalt, Okito, Ray Mertz, Pavel, Fr. Cyprian, Ted Salter, all in one book---Ali Bongo---Jay Marshall---Billy McComb---Terry Seabrooke---Victor & Diamond, John Scarne, George Schindler (4), Terry Seabrooke, Siegfried & Roy, Bill Simon, Harlan Tarbell---Louis Tannen, Daniel Waldron, Michael Weber, Peter White, Belle Daily---Geoffrey Williams, Morris Young, Arthur Moses---Richard Hatch---Charlie Randell,  Andre Kole, Joe Vitale,  & Jim Gentil, Greg Wilson,  (127 total signatures)

Signed Cabinet Card:  Janet Leigh (1 signature)

Signed Certificates:  W. W. Durbin (appointment) (1 signature)

Signed Checks:  Bill Bixby, Joseph Dunninger (2 signatures)

Signed Coloring Book:  Mark Wilson (1 signature)

Signed Comics:  Rudy Coby (1 signature)

Signed Index Cards:  Jeff Hobson, George Stewart, Tony Curtis, (3 signatures)

Signed Instruction Sheets:  Gene Anderson (2), (2 total signatures)

Signed Lecture Notes:  Jamy Ian Swiss (1 signature)

Signed Letters & Notes:  Richard & Miriam?, Jack Yardley (2), Ed Verba (about Abbott's Blarney Die), Eddie Dawes (about Ron's Houdini's Texas Tours book), Bob Markwood (about Monkey in the Middle), Swan, Rob Allen (2), Bev Bergeron (about Cajun kinship), & Jeffrey Blood, Jim Smithson, Judy Donaldson, Michael Rose (about Joe Karson monument), Arthur Emerson, Harry Blackstone, Jr., Frank Garcia,  (18 total signatures)

Signed Magazine Covers:  Billy McComb (3), Siegfried & Roy, Oscar Munoz, Tina Lenert, Rudy Coby, George Schindler, Tom Mullica, Mark Wilson, Michael Ammar, Devlin, Charles Cambra, John Calvert, James Dimmare (2), Aldo Colombini, Shoot Ogawa, Lee Earle, Docc Hilford, Joe Stevens, Le Grande David (5),Cesareo Pelarez (2), Bruce Kalver (2), Wendy Kalver (2), Jamy Ian Swiss, Jeff McBride (2), Max Maven (2), Dean Dill, Michael Close, Tommy Wonder, Larry Becker, Jay Gorham, Bob Sheets, Joe Stevens, Dick Blowers, Chuck & Joannie Lehr, Jean & Clem Kinnicutt, John Apperson, Norm Nielsen, Marco the Magi, Rick Thomas, Eddie Dawes, Tomo Maeda, Jim Steinmeyer (2), Norbert Ferre, Jason Latimer,  Marshall Brodien, Jay Marshall, Petrick & Mia, & Trixie Bond, Siegfried, Stephen Bargatze, Juliana Chen, Johnny Thompson (2), & Richard Kaufman.  (71 total signatures)

Signed Newspapers:  Mac King (2), (2 signatures)

Signed Photographs:  John Calvert (5), Andre Kole, David Copperfield (2), Amazaing Randi, Victor & Diamnd, Fielding West, Lance Burton, Rudy Coby, Mark Wilson & Nani Darnell, Ramon Galindo, Rick Maisel (2), Marie Blood (all on west wall of the Magic Room), John Calvert (on desk) Cesareo, Michael Close, Jay Marshall, David Sandy, Ray-Mond (all in frame of 9 photos), Tony Curtis---Janet Leigh, Janet Leigh, & Ali Bongo (2), Fred & Ann Story, (32 total signatures)

Signed Playing Cards (framed): The card frame includes signatures on sixteen blank cards.  These include:  David Blaine, Ali Bongo, John Booth, Eugene Burger, Mike Caveney, Celini, Michael Close, Le Grande David, Lee Grabel, Helene Grabel, Kevin James, Jason Latimere, Jay Marshall, Max Maven, Jeff McBride, Billy McComb, John Mendoza, Penn, Teller, & Rick Thomas. (20 total signatures)

Signed Playing Cards (unframed):  Eugene Burger (2), Mark Wilson (2), Nani Darnell (2), Nick Lewin, Michael Ammar, Rafael Benatar, Daryl, Bev Bergeron, Terry Seabrook, John Cornelias, Oscar Munoz, John Fedko, Mike Caveney, & Jeff McBride, (17 total signatures)

Signed Post Cards:  Patrick Culliton, Sidney H. Radner, Jay Marshall,  & Carl Ballantine, Marshall Brodien, Charles Reynolds, (6 total signatures)

Signed Posters:  Criss Angel, Greg Wilson (west wall of magic room), Ray Anderson, Rudy Coby (west wall living area), Andy Dallas (upstairs hallway), Brett Daniels (north wall---magic room), Rob Allen  (7 total signatures)

Signed Programs:  Chris Angel, Greg & Luda Wilson, Mark Wilson, Mr. Electric, Jeff McBride (Magical Empire), Duane Laflin, Celeste Evans, Rich Dooley, Andy Dallas (2), Dave Goodsell, Stephen Bargatze, Gene Anderson, Arian Black, Kayla Drescher, Johnny Thompson, Rene Lavand (2), Mike Caveney, Tina Lenert, John Carney, Trevor Lewis, Dan Rodriguez, Scott Cervine, Rafael Benatar, Jon Armstrong, Eric DeCamps, Roger Klause, Bill Palmer, and Bob White. (31 signatures)

Signed Programs (100 Magic Circle Centenary):  David Berglas, Ali Bongo, Tomo Maeda, Michael Vincent, Juan Tamariz, Peter Reveen, Billy McComb, Marc Salem, Debbie McGee, Paul Daniels, Norbert Ferre, Jason Latimer, Mac King, John Calvert, Johnny Thompson, Charles Reynolds, Jeff McBride, Dimmare, & Valerie (assistant to French illusionist Dani Lary.  (19 signatures)

Signed Program (F.I.S.M. 2006):  Banachek, Cellini, Frank Wilson, Gaetan Bloom, Jeff McBride, Juan Tamariz, Kevin James, Lennart Green, Norbert Ferre, and Pavel. (10 signatures)

Signed Show Tickets:  Mac King, David Darkside, Jeff McBride (Magical Empire), (3 signatures)

Signed Signs:  Duane Laflin (1 signature)

The Mid-West Magic Auction Cap: (from St. Louis) has been signed by twenty-three of the best magicians in the world.  Signatures on the cap include:  Ayala & Tanya, Bev Bergeron, Ali Bongo, Eugene Burger, Lance Burton, John Calvert, Brett Daniels, Lee Grabel, Paul Harris, Kevin James, Ricky Jay, Andre Kole, Jay Marshall, Max Maven, Billy McComb, Norm Nielsen, George Schindler, Shimada, Siegfried & Roy, Rick Thomas, Johnny Thompson, Fielding West,  & Mark Wilson. (23 total signatures)

Please note:  Not a complete list.

Auction Catalogs

Americana, October 2001

Heritage, October 8, 2005

Lone Star Magic Auction, 2001, 2002, 2003

R & R Enterprises, #252, Aug. 15, 2001

R & R Enterprises, #306, Feb. 15, 2006

Random Treasures, July 22, 2005

Swann, October 28, 2004, October 27, 2005


There are over 1,200 magic books in the library.  90% of the books in the library are hardbound editions.  This does not include the signed editions of which there are about 100 editions.  Most of the collection of books sit on the book shelves at the east end of the magic room.  The signed editions are in a cabinet on the south wall.  There are a few additional books in the upstairs guest bedroom.

Business Cards

The collection has more than 100 magician's business cards including Ted Bogusta, Tony Wilson, Michael Woolf, Henry Lewis, Roger Woods, David Drummond, Michael Vincent, David Hira, Dan Kamin, Charles Gauci, Shoot Ogawa, David King, Joe Mogar, Arsene Dupin, Gordon Bean, Claude Crowe, Sean Bogunia, Yuval Keren, Dr. Magic, and others.

Casino Chips

Harry Blackstone, Jr., Bally's, $5 Chip,                                                                                                                                                      Lance Burton, Monte Carlo, $5 chip                                                                                                                                                                 Lance Burton, Portrait on one side.  No value.                                                                                                                                          David Copperfield, Caesars, $5 chip                                                                                                                                                                    Harry Houdini, Photo of Houdini in chains on one side.                                                                                                                         Siegfried & Roy, Mirage, $5 chip                                                                                                                                                                     Rick Thomas, Tropicana, $5 chip


Jack Flosso, The Story of Magic Catalog, Flosso Hornmann Magic Co., 304 West 34th St., New York, NY                                         Magic Inc. Trick Catalog No. 27                                                                                                                                                           Supreme Magic Catalog                                                                                                                                                                                    "Ultra" Magical Effects, Petrie-Lewis Mfg. Co., reprint of 1939 catalog by Derek Kennedy, May 2002                                                 U. F. Grant, Catalog of Imported Magic                                                                                                                                                        Various editions of Abbott (5) & Tannen (11) Catalogs

Close-Up Magic


From Alan Warner's Karate Card to Milson Worth's Quarter Go. 

The area has not been cataloged.


Balbo the Boy Magician                                                                                                                                                                          Batman Houdini, DC Comics, "The Devil's Workshop", 1993                                                                                                        Blackstone the Magician, No. 2                                                                                                                                                        Blackstone Magician Detective, Vol. 1 No. 3, July 1948                                                                         

Blackstone Master Magician Comics, Vol. 1 No. 1                                                                                                                                  Blackstone Master Magician Comics, Vol. 1 No. 2                                                                                                                         Blackstone Master Magician Comics, Vol. 1 No. 3 (2 copies)                                                                                                             Chinese small comic dealing with Magic, Goofy, cover has Goofy with fortune teller (mainland China)                                       Mandrake The Magician, King Comics, Sept. No. 1, 12 cents                                                                                                                 Rudy Coby's Labman Source Book, Image 1 free                                                                                                                                       Spawn, Image, 20 Nov., Houdini Issue                                                                                                                                                             Super Magician, Vol. 3 No. 2, January 1945, Blackstone defeats the Jungle Jugglers                                                                           Super Magician, Vol. 4 No. 1, May 1945, Blackstone uncovers a Carnival of Crime                                                                              Super Magician, Vol. 4 No. 2, June 1945, The Devil's Castle                                                                                                                    Super Magician, Vol. 4 No. 4, August 1945, Blackstone meets Dr. Zero                                                                                                     Super Magician, Vol. 4 No. 5, September 1945, The Incredible Becomes Possible.                                                                                        Super Magician, Vol. 4 No. 6, October 1945, The Floating Head outwits a Terror Gang.                                                                         Super Magician, Vol. 4 No. 12, April 1946, Introducing Nigel Elliman Ace of Magic.                                                                                Super Magician, Vol. 5 No. 1, May 1946, Elliman Ace of Magic Battles and Baffles the Voodoo Wizards                                             Super Magician, Vol. 5 No. 6, Oct.-Nov. 1946, Houdini & the Red Dragon

Convention Programs (most have signatures)

25th World Magic Seminar, (15 signatures)

IBM, Little Rock, Ark., (17 signatures)

IBM, Orlando, FL., 2001 (17 signatures)

Texas Association of Magicians, 1992, Corpus (3 signatures)

Texas Association of Magicians, 2001, Corpus ((13 signatures)

Curio Cabinet-collectable Disney, etc.

This particular cabinet on the north wall of the magic room houses a vast number of Mickey Sorcerers & Mickey Magicians.  In addition, you will find magic salt & pepper shakers, Merlins, Houdini Bear, Boyd's Magic Show, cast iron magic themed banks, chromed magical apparatus, smaller die boxes, etc.

Harry Houdini

The Harry Houdini collection is listed in detail on the Houdini Room page of this web site.  The Houdini collection includes framed portraits with original handcuffs and are located in the living area and hallway.  The lighted glass show case holds some of the Houdini items as well as volumes of profolio books on top of the show case.  There are some smaller glass cabinets in the room that also house Houdini pieces.  Most of the Houdini books are on the book shelves.  The lone exceptions are the Houdini signed book and the Bernard Ernst signed book.

Magazines with Articles (other than Houdini)

Genii, The Conjuror's Magazine, Blackstone Sr. cover, January 1951

Genii, The Conjuror's Magazine, Dai Vernon, Slydini, Bill Bixby cover, Dec. 1973

Genii, The Conjuror's Magazine, Doug Hennning cover, Feb. 1978

Entertainment Today, Las Vegas, August 9-15, 2001, advertisements for Lance Burton & Melinda

Las Vegas Today, 2000, Lance Burton cover

Magic, Ballantine Cover, April 1993

People Weekly, May 4, 1998, page 172, article on the Masked Magician                                                                                                   Popular Mechanics, January 1959, The Greatest Magical Illusions of all Time Part II, Milbourne Christopher, page 105               Science & Invention, October1929, Magic by Dunninger, page 514

Today in Las Vegas, August 9-15, 2001, Lance Burton cover

What's On, The Las Vegas Guide, August 7, 2001, ads: Amazing Johnathan, Melinda, Mac King, Penn & Teller, Rick Thomas

Magic Auction Catalogs

Lone Star Magic Auction, Ft. Worth, 2001                                                                                                                                                       Lone Star Magic Auction, Ft. Worth, 2002

Magic Sets


Blackstone Magic Set, circa 1982

Lance Burton Magic Set, circa 1990

Mandrake Magic Kit, circa 1940's

Mr. Creepy Magic Set, circa 2000

Mysto Magic Set, circa 1930's

Paul Daniels That's Magic, circa 1990 (Signed)

And, numerous other magic sets.  A total of about 40.


Magician's Sheet Music (also see Houdini)


Dante, Sim Sala Bim

Magician's Tables

There are several nice magician's tables in the collections, but these are put to use in shows.  Only a couple of the tables could be considered as true collectors' items.

Newspaper Articles

Abracadabra Y'All, Cody Fisher

Best Tricks Simple (Fred Donaldson---signed Fred & Judy)

Doug Henning dies at 52

Henning Revived Popularity of Magic

Penn & Teller full page advertisement, Power Street

Rabbit in the Hat?  How passť, Brian Brushwood, Harry Anderson, Carl Hackner (signed Carl)


Charles Gauci


Professor Alba, Standing in tux with skeleton, original lithograph from Spain (magic room, south wall)                                             Charles Carter in flowing Chinese Robe, Norm Nielsen reproduction  (living area)                                                                               David Copperfield, Hong Kong advertisement (rolled)                                                                                                                                      George, scaling cards, one sheet lithograph (living area)                                                                                                                         Harry Blackstone, Sr., Featuring the Live Vanishing Horse                                                                                                                              Micky Hades, The Latest Sensation, Gems of Magic, original poster from Egyptian Hall Collection (rolled)                                                                                                                                                                                                             Ray Anderson, Esther's Follies, 18 x 24, signed (living area)                                                                                                                           Rudy Coby, Labman, 18 x 24, signed (living area)                                                                                                                                           Thurston, Kellar's Successor, Norm Nielsen reproducction (magic room, south wall)                                                                          Willard the Wizard, 22 x 14 1/2, reproduction (rolled)

Show Programs

Dante, "Sim Sala Bim", Park Theatre, May 8, 9, 10, 1941

Doug Henning, Magic Show, (2)                                                                                                                                                                     Harry Blackstone, Jr., Key, Detroit & Windsor, Dec. 17-23, 1979

Lance Burton 

Penn & Teller 

Rick Thomas                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ricky Jay Playbill, Second Stage Theatre, On the Stem

Willard the Wizard, July 14, 1964

Show Tickets

Mac King Comedy Magic Show, complimentary ticket, admit two, Harrah's

Willard the Wizard


David Copperfield---12 stamps all different sheet (Karelia)

Harry Kellar, Block of four, Grenada

Le Grande David, U. S. Post Office, 3 stamps, Signed by Cesareo

Robert Houdin, first day cover from France

Please note that this is only a sample of the magic collection.  I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

To see the HOUDINI portion of the collection, please go to the Houdini room!


Nelson Nicholson---Ken Klosterman---Ray Goulett---David Copperfield---Jack White---J. P. Jackson---University of Texas, Harry Ransom Center---Library of Congress, Houdini Collection---Arthur Moses---Stephen Sparks---Kenneth Trombly---Terry Harris---Norm & Lupe Nielsen---Gary Darwin